Mountains - Advanced

Sullivan Canyon, Westridge,

and Runyon Canyon 

Fleet Feet 

Encino & Westlake

Mission Cooling


Ocean -  Beginner to Advanced

Aubrey E Austin Jr. Park, North

Jetty, Via Marina, and Pacific.

Track and Field

       Southern California 

Medical Support Group

(310) 471-7401

Dr. Paul R. Copeskey, DC, CCFC

Sports Injury Specialist

The Orthotic Doctor

A Runner's Circle

Los Feliz

2XU - Compression 


My Favotite Running Product Endorsments

Bump & Grind

Palm Desert

Running Wild

Palm Springs 

Top To Top

Santa Monica

Essentia Water

Alkaline Water

Butler-Abrams Trail

Rancho Mirage

Running Shoe Stores

Over the past 25 years Dr. Paul Copeskey, DC, CCFC has developed long-term associations with a handful of LA running stores where the staff's of these stores are an extension of his office.  Many times Dr. Paul will meet his patients at these running stores to fit their orthotics with the best running shoes for them.  These running stores' staff all have been familiarized with Dr. Paul's philosophy, methodology, his orthotics and the value of the stability and motion control shoes to help guarantee a positive experience.  These stores also offer important Dr. Paul endorsed running products i.e. running shorts, compression apparel, foam rollers, electrolyte replacements, athletic tape, and valuable information from experienced runners.

Places to  Run in Los Angeles

Where you run should bring you peace, pleasure, and power.  Whether the oceans, marinas, mountains or parks, running is not just an exercise, but an exorcism of stress.  Run in the best places you have available, so you will energize your soul and stimulate the endorphins that make life magical.  These special places have brought me 30 years of pleasure.

Dr. Paul's Favorites

Places To Run and Running Store in Coachella Valley

Parks - Beginner to Advanced

Palisades Park, San Vicente Blvd.

& Ocean Ave.